Positioning is crucial

The positioning of the drier is critical so as to keep to a minimum any double handling which in turn will drive up productivity and keep to a minimum labour costs. Existing buildings and equipment are taken into consideration again enabling costs to be kept to a minimum.

Working together

Working closely with companies such as Perry’s of Oakley and AKSA ensures we deliver the right solution for you, on time.

Why use Master Farm Services?

All inclusive Master care Package

Our unique Grain Drier after sales care package supplied with all new Pedrotti Master Driers provides you with a full peace of mind manufacturers warranty:

  • For THREE years after the purchase of your drier.

You will soon realise you are in safe hands when it comes to harvest time. No other mobile drier offers this level of confidence in its products as standard!


Why do we offer this?

Simple, we believe in our products so we want the chance to share this with you. With over 2500 driers sold since 1982 we really believe offering excellence as standard in all areas shouldn’t be difficult but it has to be earned over time.


How can we offer this?

Trained engineers and technicians with years of experience and knowledge further enhancing your confidence in Master Farm Services and your grain drier, this applies to both telephone and on farm support.

Comprehensive Parts & Service Back Up

National UK Service Centre

Our Own Fully Trained Technicians

Annual Pre-Harvest Burner Service

Dedicated Harvest Operation Hours

Next Day Delivery Available

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Service& support

When you buy a Pedrotti Master Grain Drier, or any other piece of grain or ground care equipment from Master Farm Services, you get as standard our unique after-sales service giving you full piece of mind, knowing that help and guidance is always available when needed

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