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Models Comparison

The range of silos include hopper bottom, flat bottom and smooth wall silos. Silos can be used as temporary wet storage before a grain drier or as long term storage for grain and other bulksolids. Galvanised steel silos can offer cost effective grain storage while providing optimum storage conditions.

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Wet Grain Capacity (est. tons)37111519232731
Volume (m3)49.314.619.925.230.535.841
Height (m)2.062.693.323.954.585.215.846.47
Dimensions Diagram (click to view)ViewViewViewViewViewViewViewView
Retail Price (ex Works)£3,000.00£3,300.00£3,600.00£3,900.00£4,200.00£4,500.00£4,800.00£5,100.00
Fully Transportable Galvanised Frame Price£1,300.00£1,300.00£1,300.00£1,300.00£1,300.00£1,300.00£1,300.00£1,300.00

All capacities based on wet wheat at 1.3m3 per Ton. Supplied as flat pack in a wooden crate. All prices ex works and ex VAT.

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Wet Grain Capacity (est. tons)81522293642
Volume (m3)10.620.229.839.44958.6
Height (m)2.743.343.944.545.145.74
Dimensions Diagram (click to view)ViewViewViewViewViewView
Retail Price (ex Works)£6,400.00£6,700.00£7,000.00£7,300.00£7,600.00£7,900.00
Manual Outlet Slide£300.00£300.00£300.00£300.00£300.00£300.00
Top Loader Bump Bar£200.00£200.00£200.00£200.00£200.00£200.00

All capacities based on wet wheat at 1.3m3 per Ton. Supplied as flat pack in a wooden crate. All prices ex works and ex VAT.

Benefits of Wet Grain Bins


  • Made in hot-dip galvanised plates
  • Long service life
  • Excellent hygiene
  • No penetration by pests
  • Optimal emptying
  • Easy cleaning through inspection hatch
  • Can be cleaned using pressure washing


  • Modular grain storage system
  • Wide range of combinations, capacities and uses
  • Easy integration with other grain handling equipment including mobile driers
  • Option of moveable galvanised frame
  • Easy replacement of individual parts – Short delivery times for spare or replacement components
  • Conforms to all CE safety declaration standards

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